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A Story by Yawe Joseph

A story by YAWE JOSEPH and edited by J faith

Scene One

Joseph is seen in the banana plantation with his Father pruning and the mother digging. Joseph is seen playing with the panga cutting wood. He asks his Father some questions about soil?

Father-(a man dressed in a stripped shirt, black trousers and tyre sandals, fat ,light skinned .He is in his early fourties.clears his throat and calls)Joseph, Joseph.

Joseph: Yes Father.

Father-stop whatever you are doing and bring me that panga.

Joseph-(Young energetic boy of 13, dressed in shorts, dirty T-shirt runs to his father) Father, here is the panga.

Father-Thank you son.

Joseph-But father, There is no top soil in this area. Do you a have any idea of what could happened?

Father-it was washed away by running water.

Joseph-To where?

Father-To the rivers and lakes.

Joseph-Father, can we bring back that soil which was taken by running water?

Father-(He demonstrates) No, but we can dig some trenches and mulch to prevent running water from washing a way top soil.

Joseph-(He looks left and right and points, Father, let us bring the grass and start mulching.

(The curtains fall)

Scene Two

(Pupils are seen in class with the teacher. Teacher asks them some questions and Joseph tries to answer some of them)

Teacher-(Aman in his thirties, dressed in green shirt, brown trousers and well polished black shoes formerly known as Joseph the young boy is Teacher Joseph) Good morning class?

Class-Good morning sir.

Teacher –you may sit down.

Class –Good morning sir

Teacher-You may sit down

Class-Thank you sir.

Teacher-To-day we are going to learn about soil erosion. What is soil erosion? (Martin put up his hand alone) Martin.

Martin-Soil erosion is the washing away of top soil from one place to another.

Teacher-What do you think is the major cause of soil erosion class?

Class-(put up their hands) me teacher.

Teacher-Tel us Martin.

Martin-Running water.

Teacher-Thank you Martin.

Curtains fall

Scene Three

Joseph is with a group of farmers in a certain village. The chairperson invites him to address the farmers.

Chair person-(A woman dressed in traditional wear known as gomes ‘Buganda Traditional wear for women’ stands in front of the congregation and summons; “Ladies and gentle men, as the chairperson of this village, let me take this opportunity to welcome Mr. Joseph to inform us about Agricultural matters. Sir, please take the floor”.

Joseph-(Tall man, 30 years of age, dressed in green T-shirt with a coat and hat, brown trousers addresses the people[villagers].”Dear farmer, my name is Joseph. Iam from the ministry of agriculture. I have come here to teach you about new methods of farming which will help you produce enough food through out the season to avoid problems of famine”.

Villagers – (Villagers clap and make noise).