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Career Information

This section was created to give the students in Uganda more information about the careers they expressed interest in.


Read below for a brief interview with Josh Kun, Associate Professor of communication and journalism in the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism (Joint appointment in the Department of American Studies and Ethnicity):

Why choose Communication as a major?
“To study communication is to study a basic art and skill with implications at every level of society: the exchange of information and messages. Communication is embedded in everything from popular music to everyday speech, from news media to political discourse. Communication is the history of how we connect across distances short and long, across platforms that are digital or analog, across borders that are as political as they are personal.”

What career paths can Communication possibly lead to, after graduation?
“Part of the beauty of Communication as a major is that it prepares you for a variety of different types of fields. Your training in communication could enable you to work in the media or work as as a critic of the media, as a cultural producer or as a marketer of culture, in the music industry or in the telecomm industry. In short, it prepares you for any career, from “old media” to the globalized “new media” worlds of the internet, that involves connection, speech, and representation, any career based on around the spreading and sharing of information.”